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The Best Digital Signal Processor for Car Audio —— Resolut

Date: 13-12-2022 ClickCount: 1152

Digital signal processor (DSP) is a programmable microprocessor for digital signal processing. Its birth and rapid development have enabled the real-time implementation of various digital signal processing calculations, opened up new horizons for the research and application of digital signal processing, provided a low-cost practical working environment and application platform, and promoted the development of new theoretical and application fields.



Part 1. What is Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 


1. Features of Digital Signal Processor


  • Separate program and data spaces, allowing simultaneous access to instructions and data.
  • Fast interrupt handling and hardware I/O support.
  • Multiple hardware address generators that operate in a single cycle.
  • Multiple operations can be executed in parallel.
  • Supports pipelined operation, so that operations such as fetching, decoding and execution can be executed overlappingly.


2. Classification of Digital Signal Processor


According to the basic characteristics, DSP chips are able to work properly, such DSP chips are generally called static DSP chips; if there are two or more DSP chips with compatible instruction sets and corresponding machine code machine pin structure, it is a consistent DSP chip.


According to the data format, the DSP chip whose data works in fixed-point format is called fixed-point DSP chip.


By application, it can be divided into general-purpose DSP chips and special-purpose DSP chips.


3. Applications of Digital Signal Processor


① In the field of communication engineering, the application of digital filters to replace analog filters in communication equipment can miniaturize the equipment and improve reliability.


② In digital control and motion control, mainly disk drive control, engine control, laser printer control, airbrush control, motor control, power system control, robot control, etc.


③ In low power consumption, handheld devices, wireless terminal applications are mainly: cell phone, PDA, GPS, digital transmission radio, etc.


4. Performance of digital signal processor


There are many types of DSP chips, with very different structures and different usage occasions, therefore, there is no unified standard for measuring the performance of DSP. The indicators of different manufacturers' products are not even comparable. The following technical indicators only describe the processing power or performance of DSP from the perspective of computing speed, only as a reference for system design.


(1) MIPS, million instructions per second. For example, the TMS320C6416 has a peak performance of up to 8000 MIPS at a clock of 1GHz.


(2) MOPS, million operations per second. Operations include CPU operations, address calculations, data access and I/O operations, etc. The indicator is used to evaluate the processing power of the DSP. Such as TMS320C6201 in the clock for 200MHz when the peak performance of up to 2400MOPS.


(3) MFLOPS, million floating-point operations / sec. Floating-point operations include floating-point multiplication, addition, subtraction, storage of floating-point data and other operations. This metric is an important indicator of floating-point DSP processing capability. For example, the peak performance of ADSP-TS201S can reach 14,400MFLOPS.


(4) MBPS: Million bits per second. This metric is used to measure the data transfer capability of the DSP, usually referring to the bandwidth of the bus or 1/O port, which is a measure of the data throughput rate of the bus or I/O port. For example, if the bus clock of TMS320C6000 is 200MHz, its bus data throughput rate is 800MBPS.


(5) MAC execution time: the time required to complete a multiply-accumulate operation. Most DSPs can complete a MAC in a single cycle.


(6) FFT execution time: the time required to complete an N-point FFT operation. fft is a typical operation in digital signal processing, so it is more practical to use fft execution time as a performance measure of DSP.


Part 2. What is Digital Signal Processor for Car Audio


1. What is DSP for Car Audio?


Is the role of DSP important car audio DSP that is digital signal processing, its main role is to convert the audio analog signal into a digital signal. DSP of audio is basically used for high-speed real-time processing of dedicated processors, which can be simply understood as a modification of audio, so that its power amplification, to achieve the effect of active, pull delay.


2. Principle of Car Audio DSP


The principle is to convert the original car speaker line (high level signal) into a digital control signal, through the power amplification power amplifier circuit output, through the network audio data signal adjustment can improve the sound quality effect, tuning principle and the original head principle The same, but the original head general self-tuning enterprise only treble midrange bass three problem options, DSP high school bass divided into more detailed, some divided into 10 sections, some 31 sections.


This is because they usually say 10-segment EQ and 31-segment EQ in China . Some research machines such as Feige, Android can download and use a variety of music players. If you need to debug, the teaching effect is also good, but because of the Chinese market Android machine internal transport and poor power amplifier structure base, poor sound quality.


3. Is the role of DSP important?


The main role of the car DSP is to use the computer to fine-tune the audio amplifier, so as to improve the sound. During the use of car audio, due to the different distance from the two sides of the audio, affected by the binaural effect, often do not hear the singer instruments or sound field.


In addition, due to the left side of the sound than the right side of the sound, there are often singers squatting on the left side of the singing situation. In addition, the sound will be affected by sound insulation, speakers, amplifiers, cables, etc., and the use of DSP is to solve these problems.


DSP can improve the sound but does not change the sound quality of this is well understood, audio from the playback to the process of entering the ear, DSP can pass the software side of the computer to visually display the frequency band of a certain segment of audio, and then the band is trimmed, pull delay or cut, that is, to adjust the effect of playback from the speaker. This process can be adjusted to better audio, filtered more cleanly, thus giving owners a better experience, but the nature of the source can not be changed.


Part 3. The Best Digital Signal Processor for Car Audio -- Resolut


Digital audio as the most important way to listen to audio music fans now, more and more brands are launching professional segmentation of digital audio products. Russian RESOLUT DSP processor, is the market greatly appreciated the best level of products, and the Russian RESOLUT also put aside the number of channels spell function spell output power market thinking, with the ceiling level hardware, the power supply and clock to do a good job, with pure DSP audio processor design, as far as possible to exclude noise interference, the strength of digital audio fully released.


The above mentioned RESOLUT product design purity, mainly from the entire product line is a pure audio processor design, not to please more consumers and target markets, adding complex circuit design that will affect the signal quality. More pure point is minimalism, the body of the original only provides optical coaxial two sets of digital signal input, can play the quality of the digital signal without reservation. Other inputs such as high level, analog and RCA signals and MOST 25 inputs that support the standard signals of the original car, including USB expansion, are required to install optional expansion modules to achieve.


RESOLUT DSP for DAC output, digital processing using ADAU1467 chip, to meet the very high-definition 192kHz/64bit audio processing capabilities. The top T-DSP this 8-channel processor, on the ES9038PRO Sabre chip to do D / A conversion; the top flagship M-DSP this 16-channel processor, can be seen as a combination of two T-DSP, with two ES9038PRO Sabre chip to do D / A conversion.



Both processors support an ultra-wide analog frequency range of 2Hz-65kHz, with a DAC dynamic range of up to 130dB, allowing users to enjoy exactly the excellent sound quality that comes from a high-resolution audio signal. And in order to improve signal accuracy, RESOLUT built-in high-precision clock system, the back of the small signal amplification most, using a new analog buffer circuit, and is an audiophile-grade components, to further reduce the noise bottom noise, strengthen the dynamic.



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