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LIN bus automotive RGB ambient light scheme based on Microchip PIC16F15313

The color setting command is sent to the ambient light through the LIN bus of the car central control host, so as to change the color of the ambient light and create a comfortable atmosphere in the car. It can also be used for other colored lights with decorative applications.


[Program Features]


The automotive MCU has UART and PWM modules, which can realize LIN communication and PWM color mixing functions. Optional DFN8 package, small size.


The LIN transceiver with integrated LDO is adopted, and the DFN8 package is only 3x3mm, no external LDO is needed, and the volume is reduced, which is more suitable for applications requiring small volume such as ambient lights.


You can use the MCC plug-in of MPLAB X IDE to configure the MCU driver with a graphical interface, and automatically generate a software project, which is simple and convenient to develop and supports online simulation.


The constant current driving mode of the triode is adopted, and the cost is low.


MPLAB X IDE supports MCC graphical generation of peripheral module drivers and LIN communication protocol.


► Scenario application diagram


scenario application diagram


► Product entity diagram


product entity diagram


► Showcase photos


showcase photos


► Scheme block diagram


scheme block diagram


► MPLAB X IDE graphically generates peripheral module drivers and LIN communication protocol


mplab x ide


► Core technical advantages


【Introduction to the scheme】The main chip of this scheme:

1. Use automotive grade MCU PIC16F15313-E/SNVAO,

2. Three-channel PWM output is used to control the color change of the RGB LED of OSRAM, which can combine 16777216 colors.

3. ATA663231-GBQW LIN transceiver integrates a 3.3V LDO with a maximum load current of 85mA, which can directly supply power to the MCU.

4. LRTB GVSG is OSRAM automotive-grade RGB LED, widely used in automotive atmosphere lights, decorative lights and other applications.


[Recommended device model for ambient light program]

1. PIC16F15313-E/SNVAO Microchip

2. ATA663231-GBQW Microchip



[Design considerations]

1. Please design the PCB according to the actual product size and consider heat dissipation. The main heating components: LED lamp beads, resistors, and transistors.

2. Please enable code protection during production: #pragma config CP = ON You can also directly configure CP permission in MCC.

3. It is recommended to turn on the watchdog and add CLRWDT() in the main program;

4. Software source code needs to sign NDA to provide.


► Solution specifications


【Technical Parameters】

1. Input voltage: 5~28V

2. LED current: 3*20mA

3. Communication interface: LIN Bus

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