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User Agreement


"You/Your" means You, the user of the facilities here at EmbedIC.com, "We/Us/Our" means the EmbedIC owners and moderators.

The "User Agreement" detailed in this document shall apply to Your use of the "EmbedIC Website" located at https://www.embedic.com/ and its related domains "The EmbedIC Site" located at https://www.embedic.com/ including all sub-domains of these sites.

By using the EmbedIC Website and the EmbedIC Site You agree to be bound by the User Agreement detailed below.

As part of Our commitment to ensuring the EmbedIC Website provide the best possible experience for Our members, We welcome your comments on any of the policies or rules set out below. To provide feedback please use the Feedback and Suggestions, or by contacting Us through the Contact Us section of the EmbedIC Website.


By using the facilities here at the EmbedIC SITE; including use of the on-line tutorials, wikis, downloads, forums, and articles, inclusive of all content, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the following disclaimer and your responsibilities and liabilities detailed within.

Electricity, applications using electricity and electrical equipment and materials are dangerous and have the potential to kill or severely harm an individual or individuals, and to cause damage to property and possessions. By using the EmbedIC Website and website, you acknowledge that you understand the potential consequences to yourself and others around you when using electricity and electrical equipment.

All the information and advice provided at the EmbedIC site is provided for educational use only. Advice and opinions offered on the EmbedIC site and community are solely those of the contributors and are not the advice or opinion of the owners, administrators or moderators of EmbedIC.

By using the information provided here, and any other supplementary information from the EmbedIC site or other websites referenced within the EmbedIC website, you agree that you will not hold the owners of the EmbedIC website, the EmbedIC website administration and moderators, or any forum member liable for any event that should happen as a result of following the advice, information, or opinions provided, including but not restricted to; injury, death, damage or destruction to property or possessions, and loss of money or profits. EmbedIC is not responsible for any consequences, damages or liability, of any kind, that might arise as a result of any actions taken by any visitor to the EmbedIC site based upon the advice or opinions offered.

Use of any of the information provided within the EmbedIC site is entirely at your own risk. The information contained within the EmbedIC site is "as-is" without any warranty of guarantee, of any kind.

EmbedIC is not responsible for the content of any other website. The use of the content from these websites is entirely at the user's own risk and is not necessarily governed by the disclaimer detailed above or the User Agreement detailed below.

User Agreement

Appropriate conduct. Debates should be a civil activity and can be both enlightening and entertaining, but always keep the discussion to the facts and the opinions. Ad hominem tactics and directed abuse are always "out-of-bounds".

Forum members are responsible for the content of their posts, including information they provide, the validity of this information, and any extra content they may append to the post. Illegal or inappropriate discussion or information will be removed. When there is ambiguity in the legal status of a request or reply, the Moderators and Admin will come to a consensus on whether the discussion is appropriate to remain in the public forum.

Forum members must not knowingly provide any information that may adversely affect another member; this includes, but is not restricted to, information that may potentially result in injury, death, damage, or destruction of property and possessions. The administration takes this matter seriously and has the right to remove any contentious content and deal with the offending member as it deems is necessary.

Attachments and supplementary information. Attachments, like the posts to which they are appended, should be relevant to the topic at hand. In the interests of forum members using dial-up, drawings, diagrams or schematics should ideally be in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format, not Bitmap. A range of attachment types is available from the "Manage Attachments" dialog.

Attachments containing offensive, illegal, or otherwise contentious content are not allowed. Content that may adversely affect another user of the forum, for example, malware, is strictly not allowed. The administration at EmbedIC reserves the right to remove any post or attachment that it feels contravenes this rule.

Copyrighted material. When referencing copyrighted material, please provide the relevant credit. In some cases, an intellectual property owner may require they give you permission before you can reprint or reuse their work. In most cases, a link to the original source is acceptable, if applicable.

Please do not make requests for, or post links to, material that otherwise contravenes the conditions of the original or subsequent author's copyright. All instances of such requests will be met firstly with a warning, and secondly with a ban. If you are in doubt raise the issue with a Moderator or Administrator.

Advertising and Spam. No commercial advertising or spam of any kind is accepted on the EmbedIC Website; including but not restricted to forum posts, blog posts, and user signatures. You are permitted to put a commercial link in your user profile as your Home Page URL. If you come across any spam on one of your visits, please do not reply to a thread just report it to a member of the moderating team.

Role of the Moderators. The Moderators are here to help the membership. If a moderator believes that a question will draw more attention or help in another forum, they may move the thread to draw more responses. If a topic or post has accidentally been duplicated, they will remove the extraneous post. A new topic that repeats a previous topic might be merged for the convenience of the membership. Moderators may also offer occasional encouragement to keep debates civil, should the need arise. When debates become heated the Moderators reserve the right to closed or moderate threads and posts that may be deemed unsuitable in the wider interests of the community.

The Administration and Moderating Team reserve the right to edit your posts, threads, and user information in any way they deem necessary. The Moderators will only do such a thing if there is a reason and such reasons will not be questioned. Reposting content that was removed by The Moderators will result in swift action and a ban.

Although the EmbedIC Administration and Moderation Team will attempt to keep all objectionable posts and threads off this forum, it is impossible for Us to review all messages. Therefore if You come across posts or threads that violate Our User Agreement, or contain any offensive, illegal, or otherwise contentious content on The EmbedIC Website, please alert a member of the Administration and Moderating Team and we will deal with the offending content. Please report offending posts using the "Report" link under a post.

Restricted topics. The following topics are considered "out of bounds" and will result in your thread being closed without question:

Any kind of over-unity devices and systems

Devices designed to electrocute or shock another person

Jammers intended for actual use in other than legal academic contexts

Amateur/homemade rail guns and other high-energy projectile devices

If You come across a thread or post discussing any of the above topics please report the thread so We can close, and if necessary remove, the offending thread/posts.

Safety & Closing of Threads. While everyone is responsible for their own safety, the moderating staff, on a case by case basis, will close discussions if they get the impression that one of the members appears unwilling or unable to appreciate the risks in what they are attempting.

AAC is an English-only site. Although AAC is global in its membership, it is maintained as an English-only site in order to foster universal communication among its members and readers, which includes not only those participating in a particular discussion but those who might wish to read the discussion years from now as the result of a search.

Consequences of Failure to Adhere to the EmbedIC User Agreement

We do not expect anything less than full co-operation with the rules outlined. If You break a rule, expect consequences. Depending on the circumstances an infraction will result in a standard warning and an e-mail or PM from the Moderating Team. In more severe circumstances the account will be permanently removed from the system and the IP address banned.

These User Agreement are available from the bottom of every page on the EmbedIC Website.

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