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Digital dashboard solution for cars based on Socionext Miranda's CGI Studio

Socionext has been actively developing Automotive Graphics Solution in recent years. Socionext's new generation of Miranda SoC (SC1810) series chips, with high-performance graphics engine and screen controller, through the CGI Studio design tool, designed to show high reliability, high precision and high security automotive digital dashboard system.

Competitiveness and advantages

The new-generation Miranda chip used in this solution is equipped with a proprietary visual processor unit (VPU) and 2D/3D image processing acceleration engine, which supports OpenVX and OpenGL ES3.x respectively.


SC1810 is optimized for in-vehicle graphics display applications. It uses a high-performance image engine and screen controller to manage all information in a unified manner. It can integrate various screens such as car dashboards, head-up displays, and car infotainment systems (IVI). , And to control and display solutions.


This solution uses the CGI Studio design tool to demonstrate a stable and reliable high-precision HMI (Human Machine Interface) digital instrument panel system through ISO 26262, ASIL, MISRA, and SPICE and other important standards and regulations in the automotive industry.


Similar In PIP (Picture in Picture) mode, a 360° surround view screen is displayed simultaneously. For developers, it is possible to simply complete a variety of personalized human-machine interface designs, which is very easy for UI designers to operate, speed up customer development time, and is expected to achieve seamless HMI, high-definition display, and a safe system .


This solution is also equipped with a dedicated RTOS operating environment-Extended T-kernel, which has passed the ISO 26262 standard after long-term stability testing and is specially developed for automotive solutions. This plan also reserves 6 channels of video input, MIPI video input, 3 channels of HDMI video output, FPD-LINK video output, USB, CAN, LINE in/out, Ethernet, SD card, JTAG and other rich IO interface.


Technical Support


technical support 




Software design architecture diagram

software design architecture diagram 

· Camera Driver: Initialize the lens parameters, and is responsible for capturing the 4-channel images transmitted from Serdes.

· User Library: Interpretation designing different display views, and through the Omniview library, call the hardware VPU (DPA/WHA) to complete the 360 ​​AVM image fitting, and import it into the FrameBuffer for display.

· CAN Driver: Responsible for parsing the CAN protocol data received from the CAN IO serial port, such as vehicle speed, fuel level, engine speed and other information, and reporting to the upper application through the Middleware layer for real-time display.

· Graphic Driver: The driver of the underlying hardware GPU, mainly responsible for the implementation of the OpenGL ES library.

· User Driver: Other self-developed drivers, such as LED, etc.

· User Application: The application of the digital dashboard. First design the desired UI style on the CGI Studio design tool, and create a private library for the program to call. The application program obtains information such as CAN from the bottom layer, and completes 2D/3D drawing of dashboard, vehicle speed, fuel level, engine speed, etc. through APIs such as private libraries. You can also switch the mode by pressing the button, and display the AVM image of the Framebuffer in PIP mode together with the UI on the screen.

Miranda Evaluation Board Block Diagram

miranda evaluation board block diagram

CGI Studio


CGI Studio is an HMI software design platform that is not restricted by hardware conditions. It is used to create rich 2D and 3D graphical interfaces for car dashboards and infotainment systems.


CGI Studio is part of the application suite, providing automotive system designers with a powerful Microsoft Windows®-based solution, and fully supporting the OpenGL ES3.x standard, providing system designers with maximum design flexibility and shortening the car Application development schedule.


Unlike the more complex and sophisticated UI interface in the past, and the design is relatively difficult, CGI Studio provides a complete environment, including various powerful tools for prototyping, testing, and design fine-tuning.


The application suite enables system designers to go from early conception to design, prototyping, testing and deployment. The initial design of graphics can be imported into CGI Studio from various popular graphics software applications, and system designers can develop and enhance the design in the CGI Studio software environment. It is also possible to verify the final function and appearance of the interface design in the simulation rendering of the target application in CGI Studio before deployment.


CGI Studio tool module and its advantages


In addition, all tools of CGI Studio are optimized for Socionext graphics products. It also includes an ISO 26262 verification module. This functional safety module can perform ISO 26262 verification on key functional components in the car. It also complies with ASIL, MISRA and SPICE.


This is an important standard and regulation of the automobile industry, which has fast start-up speed, small space occupation, functional safety and multi-language support advantages, and has been widely used by major automakers.


cgi studio tool module 

CGI Studio development tool operation interface

cgi studio development tool operation interface 

Extended T-Kernel real-time OS (eT-Kernel)

eT-Kernel is a highly reliable real-time operating system (RTOS) platform developed by eSOL. It has accumulated years of experience and has steadily developed a high level of reliability and safety. It has been continuously used in automotive systems, industrial equipment, and medical equipment. , Aerospace and other products, and comply with ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 functional safety standards, in line with the highest level of safety certification.

► Scenario application diagram

scenario application diagram 

► Showcase photos

showcase photos 

► Scheme block diagram

scheme block diagram 

► Show 360° panoramic view car and Serdes turntable

 show 360° panoramic view car and serdes turntable

► Display of project results (1): Cluster

 sisplay of project results (1): cluster

► Project achievement display (2): Cluster+360° three-dimensional panoramic view

 cluster+360° three-dimensional panoramic view

► Core technical advantages

• Socionext (since the Fujitsu era) has 15 years of experience in automotive electronic design, providing the market with automotive-grade chip design, testing, mass production, and reliability improvement services. It is a technology in the automotive field Innovation leader.


Different from the general custom chip, the car-level custom chip emphasizes the quality control, certification and process of the car. Socionext adopts a design that can prevent defects and reduce manufacturing defects, and is committed to providing high-quality, high-reliability products through various measures such as quality control in close cooperation with manufacturing partners.


• CGI Studio includes Photoshop Importer, HTML5, Scene Composer, and ISO 26262 verification modules. It not only complies with ISO 26262, but also complies with many important automotive industry standards and regulations such as ASIL, MISRA and SPICE, and can effectively shorten the development time.

• Equipped with an RTOS environment compliant with ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 functional safety standards.

• It can support up to 6 simultaneous input of images and 3 simultaneous output of independent image displays.

• The development board reserves 6 channels of video input, MIPI video input, 3 channels of HDMI video output, FPD-LINK video output, USB, CAN, LINE in/out, Ethernet, SD card, JTAG and other rich IO interfaces, Can do a variety of development and test applications.

► Solution specifications

• Arm Cortex A9 quad-core CPU

• 2D/3D graphics engine, support OpenGL® ES 3.1

• Equipped with SOCIONEXT's proprietary visual hardware acceleration processor

• Support decoder: H.264, M-JPEG, up to 6 channels of full HD (1920x1080) [30 frames]

• Support encoder: H.264, up to 4 channels of full HD (1920x1080) [30 frames] or 2 channels of full HD (1920x1080) [60 frames]

• Supports 6 channels of full HD video input (1920x1080) [30fps], DRGB, YUV, MIPI-CSI2

• Support 3 independent full HD video monitors (1920×1080p), DRGB, FPD-Link, YUV



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