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Cypress Semiconductor (Infineon)

Cypress targets markets growing faster than the overall semiconductor industry. We deliver high-performance, high-quality solutions at the heart of todays most advanced embedded systems from automotive, industrial, home appliance, medical equipment and consumer electronics businesses.

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Introduction to Microcontroller Reset Circuit 2023
Introduction to Microcontroller Reset Circuit 2023

A microcontroller reset circuit is a circuit designed to ensure that a microcontroller (microcontroller) will function properly at startup or under abnormal conditions. The main function of a reset circuit is to restore the internal state and registers of the microcontroller to a known initial state so that program execution can begin.   A mic... [Details]

2023-10-10 16:25

Privacy security assurance and analysis of IoT devices
Privacy security assurance and analysis of IoT devices

This series of articles mainly discuss the hardware and software conditions required to achieve IoT security, and how Cypress technology can help ensure the security of smart IoT devices. For electronic devices, "safety" is not a new concept. Most smart phones have a processor to protect the security of the device. Most computers also have built-in... [Details]

2020-10-19 18:34

[Guide] What is Embedded Processor 2023
[Guide] What is Embedded Processor 2023

Embedded processors are a fundamental component of modern technology, powering everything from smartphones and smart home devices to cars and medical equipment. Despite their ubiquitous presence, many people are unfamiliar with what an embedded processor is and how it works. In this article, we will explore the basics of embedded processors and the... [Details]

2023-05-06 14:26

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