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Texas Instruments


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TPS26601RHFR Overview

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The TPS2660x devices are compact, feature rich high voltage eFuses with a full suite ofprotection features. The wide supply input range of 4.2 to 60 V allows control of many popular DCbus voltages. The device can withstand and protect the loads from positive and negative supplyvoltages up to ±60 V. Integrated back to back FETs provide reverse current blocking feature makingthe device suitable for systems with output voltage holdup requirements during power fail andbrownout conditions. Load, source and device protection are provided with many adjustable featuresincluding overcurrent, output slew rate and overvoltage, undervoltage thresholds. The internalrobust protection control blocks along with the high voltage rating of the TPS2660x helps tosimplify the system designs for Surge protection.

A shutdown pin provides external control for enabling and disabling the internal FETs aswell as placing the device in a low current shutdown mode. For system status monitoring anddownstream load control, the device provides fault and precise current monitor output. The MODE pinallows flexibility to configure the device between the three current-limiting fault responses(circuit breaker, latch off, and Auto-retry modes).

The devices are available in a 5-mm × 4.4-mm 16-pin HTSSOP as well as 5-mm x 4-mm 24-pinVQFN package and are specified over a –40°C to +125°C temperature range.


  • 4.2-Vto 60-V Operating voltage, 62-V absolute maximum
  • Integratedreverse input polarity protection down to –60 V
    • Zero additional components required
  • Integrated back to back MOSFETs with 150-mΩ total RON
  • 0.1-A to 2.23-A Adjustable current limit (±5% accuracy at 1 A)
  • Functional safetycapable
    • Documentation available to aid functional safety systemdesign
  • Load protection during Surge (IEC 61000-4-5) withminimum external components
  • IMON current indicator output (±8.5%accuracy)
  • Low quiescent current, 300-μA in operating, 20-μA inshutdown
  • Adjustable UVLO, OVP cut off, output slew ratecontrol
  • Reverse current blocking
  • Fixed 38-V overvoltageclamp (TPS26602 only)
  • Available in easy-to-use 16-Pin HTSSOP and 24-Pin VQFNpackages
  • Selectable current-limiting fault response options (Auto-Retry, LatchOff, Circuit Breaker Modes)
  • UL 2367 Recognized
    • File No. 169910
    • RILIM ≥ 5.36 kΩ (2.35-Amaximum)
  • UL60950 - Safe duringsingle point failure test
    • Open/Short ILIM detection


Circuit Diagram


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