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Wi-Fi socket solution with metering and infrared control function based on ST STM32F103

Wi-Fi smart sockets use the existing Wi-Fi network in the home to allow your smart phone or tablet computer to turn on or turn off the specified electrical appliances through the App operation under the condition of the Internet.

Sockets have changed from ordinary electrical connectors in the past to intelligent products with independent operating systems. Household chores that could not be done away from home in the past can be completed independently by electrical appliances through Wi-Fi smart sockets, bringing a lot of things to users’ lives. Convenient, considering that many electrical appliances need infrared control. This product adds infrared learning and infrared sending functions. By sending infrared codes, infrared devices can be automatically run remotely. Since infrared has only one-way transmission function, there is no feedback mechanism. Infrared devices such as TV air conditioners cannot fully determine whether the device is in standby or running state (for example, the infrared switch of the TV is the same code, there is no way to know the state of the TV by simply emitting the infrared code), so we are in the socket The metering function is also added above, which can check the real-time power of electrical appliances in real time. Through the judgment of the power, the operating status of the equipment can be fully understood.

► Product entity diagram

► Showcase photos

► Scheme block diagram

► Core technical advantages

  1. Metrology test: implement power test
  2. Remote cloud relay control
  3. Remote cloud infrared control
  4. LED digital display of real-time current and voltage

► Solution specifications

  1. Use cost-effective ST STM32F103C8T6 ARM Cortex-M3 MCU with 64 Kbytes, Flash, 72 MHz CPU
  2. View energy management and control in real time through mobile devices, and the metering version can also monitor current power, current and electricity in real time
  3. Timely control the switch status of the socket through the mobile device
  4. Anti-overload: When the current exceeds the limit value, the power will be automatically cut off to prevent overload use. After the overload is eliminated, it will automatically recover, which is convenient and safe.
  5. Flame-retardant: high-quality flame-retardant materials, tested by national electrical standards, effectively delay or prevent burning

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