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Transmission technology solution based on Semtech GN28L96 Ethernet passive optical fiber network

Two years ago, Semtech launched the GN25L98. The laser driver contains a boost chip. Since the chip optimizes the stability of the laser driver, it has attracted customers' attention as soon as it was launched. Therefore, in 2019, in response to the faster network bandwidth, based on the previous IC architecture, GN28L96 will be further introduced in the design of 10G EPON & XGSPON FTTh ONU/ONT BoB.


Hardware key technology & schematic diagram


PON application transmission mode of GN28L96


– Downstream: OLT can send data to any GN28L96 at any time. In the upstream direction, the OLT can only receive data from one GN25L98 at the same time. If two GN28L96s send data to the OLT at the same time, the OLT cannot receive the data correctly (ONU transmission conflict).


  – Uplink: Divide the fiber occupation into time periods according to a certain length of time. In each time period, only one GN28L96 can occupy the fiber to send data to the OLT, and the remaining GN28L96 control the laser to be turned off. The OLT specifies the time period for GN28L96 to send data by sending control data packets.


In addition, EYEMAX technology for 10G bandwidth is added, which can optimize the eye diagram at a faster network speed.


Key Software Technology


Semtech GN28L96 only needs to provide free development software interface for R&D and use. Customers can easily adjust the register through computer visualization through the USB to I2C adapter board interface provided by Semtech (as shown below)


It can easily adjust the optical power required for transmission and the functions of the matting pen, etc.


Therefore, this can save the trouble of initial development, and provide software source code in the later stage for reference by software personnel in developing production programs.



Circuit design


Semtech also provides design circuits for customer reference, reduces the burden of R&D personnel, and provides layout review support



Testing report


(1) TX full temperature range eye diagram

(2) RX full temperature range eye diagram


► Scenario application diagram



► Showcase photos



► Scheme block diagram



► System architecture diagram


► Core technical advantages

  1. With stable laser drive technology
  2. IC integrated boost chip is easy to use
  3. Concise operation
  4. Effectively reduce costs and production development time


► Solution specifications

  1. Comply with industrial environment (-40 ~ 95 ℃)
  2. Compatible with BOSA-on-Board ONU
  3. Compatible with design specifications such as 10G EPON & XGSPON FTTh ONU/ONT BoB designs and 10G PON ONU/ONT
  4. Comply with SFF/SFP & CSFP modules-GbE, SONET/SDH standard specifications

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