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Motorcycle motion detection system based on ST MCU STM32G431KBU3 and motion sensor ASM330LHH

The 6-axis (3-acc+3-gry) motion sensor has been used in all aspects of life, such as sports bracelets, sports watches, sports cameras, cars, motorcycle status detection, etc.


STM32G431KBU3 is a wide temperature MCU with DSP function at 170Mhz (-40°~125°), CAN, LIN, interface and rich analog peripherals, 128K Flash+32K RAM storage space can be applied to more application scenarios.


ASM330LHH is an automotive-grade 6-axis motion sensor with acceleration range up to ±16g (±2/±4/±8/±16 g), gyroscope range up to ±4000 dps (±125/±250/±500/±1000/±2000/±4000), embedded 3K data stack, with intelligent programming interrupt, and I2C and SPI interfaces. The ASM330LHH can consume up to 3uA in standby mode in power-down mode, up to 1.6mA in ODR=1.6kHz mode, and up to 360uA in ODR below 1.6kHz;


ST original factory to provide a complete development program, including drawings of open source evaluation board, driver library, algorithm firmware library (* not open source, public algorithm firmware library only supports STM32 series), supporting the upper computer software, can be very convenient and fast to complete the evaluation and development.



►Scene Application Diagram


scene application diagram

►Display board photos



►Scheme block diagram


scheme block diagram

►Core technical advantages



1. High frequency, small size, with hardware division, trigonometric function algorithm function, embedded DSP;

2. The standby power consumption is extremely low, less than 1.6uA in standby mode;

3. Wide working temperature: -40°-125°, suitable for more application scenarios;

4. Complete software and hardware design information, especially STM32CUBEMX provides strong development support;



1. AECQ-100 6-axis motion sensor;

2. The original factory provides matching algorithm library and host computer evaluation software (Adaptive: WIN, OS, Linux), which greatly reduces the development difficulty and development cycle;


►Program Specifications

1. Input voltage: DC 12V

2. ODR: 1kHz




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