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Microchip dsPIC33CK256MP508-IPT-based Automotive ISELED Ambient Light Solution

Automotive interior lighting is developing in the direction of intelligence, combining with ADAS autonomous driving assistance systems for an interactive experience, and RGB lighting for a cooler interior lighting effect. With the increasing number of LEDs, the disadvantages of traditional external LED driver chip solutions are gradually emerging: 


1. The need to use a large number of LED driver chips, the need to choose more pins MCU.


2. MCU, driver chips and LEDs between the connection of more wiring, wiring difficulties.


3. The communication line between MCU and driver chip is too long, causing EMI/EMC problems.


4. Complex software is required to compensate for each RGB LED, which is time-consuming and laborious.


Microchip's ISELED solution perfectly solves the above design pain points.


►Scene Application Diagram


►Display board photos


microchip dspic33ck256mp508-ipt


►Scheme block diagram


►Core technical advantages


1. Microchip's solution provides MCUs ranging from 8-bit, 16-bit to 32-bit to support ISELED, and users can choose the most cost-effective solution according to actual application requirements.

2. It can integrate HMI touch function, safety function and communication function and add dynamic lighting effect.

3. MPLAB® code configurator—ISELED CIP graphical development interface, easily embeds the ISELED solution into the target application.

4. Use differential serial communication protocol, half-duplex communication, support LED self-diagnosis, simple wiring, and excellent EMC performance.

5. The LED has a built-in driver chip, which has been calibrated before leaving the factory and can be used immediately.


►Program Specifications


1. A single channel can connect up to 4079 LEDs in series, and the color and brightness of each LED can be controlled independently.

2. 2Mbps data transmission rate, high-speed refresh.

3. Differential half-duplex communication, support LED self-diagnosis.

4. Support functional safety and support CAN-FD.

5. The built-in CIP module (SPI DMA CRC 5VIO) can simplify hardware design and realize touch button control.


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