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Co-manufacturers launched a car GPS satellite positioning anti-theft system based on UNISOC SC6531

This system uses GPRS network networking. Install the database server and GIS map server in the monitoring center. In terms of network security: the overall network access is realized by virtual VPN technology, that is, the vehicle terminal client communicates with the background server through the GPRS network to obtain vehicle location information. Both wireless and wired links of this solution use VPN private network technology to achieve physical isolation from the Internet.

This system is composed of three parts: GPS vehicle terminal, mobile communication network and back-end server. GSM wireless digital two-way communication and Internet data transmission are adopted between the three parts. The GPS vehicle-mounted equipment automatically outputs the vehicle's real-time working information and GPS satellite positioning information according to the management instructions, and sends these information to the back-end server in real time; the control center knows the vehicle's working status at any time based on the relevant information received, and at the same time, it controls The electronic map in the center shows the actual position of the vehicle in real time.

► Showcase photos

► Scheme block diagram

► Core technical advantages

① Real-time supervision: GPS vehicle management system uses GSM network and GPRS network as the carrier of monitoring data, which truly realizes the all-weather real-time monitoring system for vehicles.

② Route tracking: It can record the driving route in real time for a single or all vehicles. When the vehicle passes by, a marked line will be drawn on the map, and the administrator can intuitively see the driving route of the vehicle .

③ Management function: Vehicle information management can perform maintenance tasks such as query, statistics, addition, deletion, and modification of vehicle information.

④ Electronic map: The system has three modes of map display. The system is equipped with electronic maps of major towns and main roads throughout the country, as well as maps of hundreds of large and medium cities, and can zoom in, zoom out, pan, and roam at will.

⑤ Quick car search: It is convenient to view the vehicle location information, select the vehicle number to implement click query, and automatically switch to the current location of the target. And display driving speed and other related information.

⑥ Key monitoring: The administrator can separately establish a monitoring window for vehicles under the jurisdiction, and the map of the monitored window will automatically roam and track the vehicle; multiple vehicles can be set at the same time.

⑦ Track playback: The previous operating status of any vehicle can be downloaded. Replay the driving track of a certain vehicle on a certain day of the month, and you can see the driving route and speed of the vehicle at any time.

► Solution specifications

① Support software remote upgrade function, which is convenient for future updates and upgrades to expand more functions, and at the same time, it is convenient to optimize software functions and improve terminal stability

② No need to press the power button, work immediately after power on

③ Support A-GPS function

④ Wide voltage input: the maximum input voltage is up to 36V, 7~36V can work normally

⑤ Parameter setting control mode: SMS and network

⑥ Simple installation, hidden installation in a car, motorcycle or battery for anti-theft tracking

⑦ Can receive instructions and obtain positioning information through SMS

⑧ Support base station, GPS two-way positioning

⑨ Support remote upgrade function

⑩ The computer can real-time map monitoring and management terminal by visiting the relevant website

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