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Circuit design of anti-theft alarm system using C8051F330 mobile phone

In this paper, a mobile phone anti-theft alarm system is designed using the fully integrated mixed-signal system-on-chip (MCU) C8051F330 and wireless transceiver CC2500.

The alarm system uses radio frequency transceivers to achieve short-distance information transmission. The mobile phone anti-theft alarm system uses the highly integrated C8051F330 device and the RF communication device CC2500 to realize the real-time communication between the mobile phone and the user, effectively preventing the loss of the mobile phone and preventing theft. Because this system adopts C805lF330 and CC2500 as the core device, so the structure is simple, the performance is stable, the volume is small, the cost is low. At present, it has been successfully used for anti-theft alarm of mobile phones with very good effect.

The hardware design of this system is mainly used to realize the RF communication between C8051F330 and CC2500. Because C805lF330 integrates a high-precision clock source, its internal 64 KB Flash is sufficient for system use. Therefore, when designing the oscillating circuit and the storage circuit, there is no need to expand, just design the power supply circuit, CC2500 communication circuit, and reset circuit. In this way, the system hardware design circuit structure is simple, the integration level is high, and the reliability is good. Figure 2 shows the schematic diagram of the system hardware design. In order to improve the communication speed and reliability of the system design, CC2500 can be used to make the system realize SPI communication with C8051F330 through the RF communication module VW2500. VW2500 and C805lF300 are powered separately through R3 to reduce the interference of radio frequency signals to MCU and ensure reliable operation of the system.

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