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STM32WB15 Released, New Products in STM32 Wireless Family

Date: 24-05-2021 ClickCount: 104

With a quarterly update rate of one new product, the STM32 wireless family is simply on a roll!

STM32WB15 released, once again the low-power floor!

In May 2021, STM32WB new series STM32WB15 released, using a dual-core design, Cortex-M4 core as the main MCU, Cortex-M0+ core to achieve RF Radio, through the dual-core architecture of real-time execution tasks. STM32WB15 support Bluetooth BLE5.0, with 320KB Flash and 48KB SRAM. 48KB SRAM.

The STM32WB15 RF RF output power up to +5.5dBm, RF link budget 101dB, receive power consumption of only 4.5mA, transmit power consumption of 5.2mA (@ 0dBm), suitable for energy-sensitive applications, while the chip internal integrated Barron balun, reduce bill of materials costs.

The STM32WB15 series MCUs are available in 64MHz main frequency, 32MHz RF core main frequency, and QFN48 package, which is compatible with the WB55 and WB35 series PIN2PIN hardware pins.


When RF and SMPS are turned on, the STM32WB15 system power consumption is 33 µA/MHz in Active-mode mode, again hitting the low-power floor!

Low-cost Bluetooth 5.2 prototypes of STM32WB15 modules will be available in Q4 this year. The open STM32 wireless family.

In 2019, STM32 relaunches the dual-core, multi-protocol wireless STM32WB microcontroller with dual cores, the 64 MHz Cortex-M4 core (application processor) and the 32 MHz ArmCortex-M0+ core (network processor), supporting Bluetooth 5 and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standards.

These two fully independent cores allow this innovative architecture to optimally support real-time execution (radio-related software processing), flexible resource usage and power management, resulting in lower BOM costs and a better user experience.

The first-of-its-kind STM32WB55 microcontroller is Bluetooth 5 certified and supports Mesh 1.0 networks and multiple profiles for flexible integration with proprietary BLE stacks. A common IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer ensures that the STM32WB55 can run proprietary protocols or stacks, including ZigBee* and Thread low-power Mesh networking protocols, providing designers with more options for connecting devices to the Internet of Things (IoT).

In January 2020, the STM32 Wireless Connectivity family added the STM32WB50, a fully pin-compatible mainstream derivative, following the 2019 launch of the STM32WB55. The STM32WB50* Value Series wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) are complete and pin-compatible derivatives of the STM32WB55 system-on-chip, also following the dual-core architecture and Supports multiple wireless protocols. It can be used for cost-sensitive IoT devices that require support for Bluetooth 5.0, ZigBee 3.0 or OpenThread standards. The family offers a good link budget from 100dB for Bluetooth 5.0 mode to 104dB for 802.15.4 mode.

In October 2020, the STM32WB wireless MCU product line was extended with the STM32WB35/30, a low-cost version of the STM32WB55 that pushes the price/performance ratio to the limit. Among them, the STM32WB30 is the lowest-cost ST Bluetooth+ 802.15.4 solution. Compared to STM32WB55, STM32WB35 has no LCD peripherals; STM32WB55 can support dynamic multi-protocol, STM32WB35/50/30 only support a certain protocol; STM32WB55 package type rich, STM32WB35/50/30 only QFN48, and and STM32WB55 QFN48 pin 2 pin compatible.

In January 2021, the STM32WB55MMG will be available in module form, with all the features of the STM32WB55 series, but with higher integration, smaller size and simpler design, allowing users to design products faster again! The STM32WB55MMG wireless module enables 2.4GHz solutions via BluetoothLE and 802.15.4 protocols (including Zigbee, Thread and proprietary protocols).

To date, the STM32WB family covers six sub-product lines: STM32WB55 (1MB), STM32WB35 (512KB), STM32WB15 (320KB) and the corresponding value series, STM32WB50, STM32WB30 and STM32WB10 series.

Enhanced STM32 wireless product portfolio with a full range of wireless connectivity solutions

ST's STM32WB, the "wireless flower" that began in 2018, is a pioneer in wireless applications with its multi-protocol + security SoC. STM32WB is the world's first SoC that combines multi-protocol + security (dual-core, FUS, RSS...) to support multiple protocol stacks in mainstream 2.4GHz, such as BLE, ZigBee, Thread, etc. It also supports static and dynamic concurrent modes to run multiple protocol stacks simultaneously. High performance and low power consumption make it very suitable for industrial gateways, telecom devices, home automation, home appliances, smart consumer electronics, AI, and various 802.15.4 wireless scenarios; its excellent security features, such as cryptographic algorithm gas pedal and secure key storage, ensure IoT hardware data security, making it the best choice for IoT hardware developers.

ST provides a complete ecosystem of hardware and software development tools for the STM32WB series, a one-stop development platform from configuration, development, download, to monitoring, to build a seamless development flow.

Just at the recently concluded 2021 STM32 Summit, ST's Director of Microcontroller Marketing and Applications in China, Cao Jindong, gave a keynote speech about STM32's living development path and latest progress, and pointed out that ST will strengthen the STM32 wireless product layout, which will cover Bluetooth, LTE-M and NB-IoT and UWB technologies in a comprehensive manner, providing a full range of wireless connectivity solutions.

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